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Definition of Terms

Greek - willing to receive anal

Bi - good with threesomes (two girls on one guy), with couples
      (a husband and wife) or a patron who is a lady.

Couples -  good with threesomes (two girls on one guy).

OWO/CIM - willing to perform oral without a condom.

Personality Type - This is not a quality rating.  The way a girl acts is very
important and these comments hint at the girl’s general overall personality and
the type of service which she will probably provide (hinting at the possible
“chemistry” you will enjoy).  The word “GFE” is an industry term which means
“girl friend experience”.  Our ladies are very warm and sincere, you’ll find them
all to be true instant girlfriends.

Left GFE - She’s the ideal girlfriend, she’ll dote on you and make you feel
like a king.  She’s very eager to please and a relaxing, affectionate
and romantic cuddle kitten.  She’s the very model of what it means to be tender,
warm & sincere.  This is the girlfriend you’ve been seeking all your life, you’ll be
sorry to leave and you’ll want to take her with you. 

Middle GFE
- She can be “left” as well as “right”, it just depends on
what kind of chemistry you have.  She’s great for everything,
you’ll find her to be very romantic in the bedroom & very vibrant around the

These girls are a mix of introverts and extroverts, you’ll love the nightlife in the disco\
but they are also soft & tender around the resort too.

Right GFE - She’s a fun loving girl who is very warm, sincere & affectionate. 
She’s also the life of the party, very vibrant and lively.
These girls are normally big extroverts, you’ll have the time of your life with
  They will grab you by the hand and show you a fabulous and upbeat time
around the resort.
These ladies have a high sex drive, you’ll feel like the disco is in your bedroom!

Cross-Spectrum GFE - These girls fit into everything, they are whatever you want
them to be.  They are just as warm & sincere as the other
girls, you’ll find them to be wonderful & attentive girlfriends. 
On the other hand,
they also usually have an amazing sex drive and
provide what can only be described as a “porn star experience”. 
You’ll want to grab hold and hang on tight, they make the party. 

English - An indication of relative vocabulary at the current point in time,
rated 1-5.

1 - She knows very little English.
2 - She knows the words for basic English.
3 - She can express some thoughts and ideas.
4 - She’s a little conversational.
5 - She’s about as good as you can reasonably expect.

Very Important!

Please Note -
-  All appointments must be coordinated in advance and secured by a deposit.

Our services are accurately described in all details (including your companion, your resort and your resort suite quality level), we do not promise false or misleading information as an inducement to obtain sales. We honor all obligations, all holidays are as good as described.

-  For best results, do not select your companion(s) based on beauty. That is only skin deep. Instead, you will enjoy yourself the most if you focus on personality and how well your chemistry will be together. We are happy to help you find your best matches, please contact us today!

-  No presented ladies smoke cigarettes. All presented ladies are light social drinkers and are of legal age to drink and gamble in the Dominican Republic (they are legally an adult and they are depicted as adults). All presented ladies enjoy kissing (sometimes DFK and sometimes not). All presented ladies are real, they look like the photographs  (we do not bait-and-switch).

The information described herein is subject to change, may contain inaccuracies and may be incomplete. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy and this is an ongoing process. The information found in this roster, in our websites and in our other materials is only informative and in no case contractual. The described activities are a "best guess" on what any given lady is likely to do. These are consensual activities which are performed between two consenting adults and only those consenting adults, this agency (and associated people / entities) is not a party to those activities. This agency (and associated people / entities) coordinates companionship only. No physical intimacy is bought, sold, promised, inferred, implied, expressed or remunerated (financially compensated).

The listed details should be assumed to be influenced by the chemistry between the participants, hygiene of the patron, sobriety of the patron, etiquette of the patron. funding provided by the patron and so forth. Some extraordinary
activities dependant on a small additional pre-coordinated increase in the funding provided to the selected companion by the patron at the selected companion's discretion. Typically, this increase is an additional 10% per activity.
Please inquire for

This list may not feature all of the available full time girls, may not contain some part time girls, may contain girls who have recently become inactive for one reason or another & may or may not reflect girls who may have been reserved by other patrons. This list is dated & updated often.

We do not bait-and-switch. All of our ladies are real. All of our ladies look like the photos. Absent force majeure (an “act of god”), you will be provided with the lady you select. It is easy to observe that our photos and girls are real, most of our pictures are taken in our office and the backgrounds are largely identical. As you can see, and which should be inherently obvious, they all stood in the same spot. Additionally, we update our photos over time and photograph varying combinations of ladies. Our ladies are real and you will really get the girls you select.

-  Unless otherwise requested, your companion will wait for you in the airport arrivals reception area. Because we do not bait-and-switch, you do not need to do a lineup after leaving the controlled environment of the airport. Our ladies are very excited to meet you in the arrivals lounge, many passengers are warmly greeted like this during every flight of every day (it's what people who are happy to see each other do!)

If desired, we are pleased to provide you with written and verifiable medical tests for your selected companion from a licensed local medical facility. The tests will be performed within a few days prior to the start of your trip and your selected companion will have no intervening appointments. We will email you a copy of the results and provide the paper copy to you in person when you arrive. The tests which are performed are those which are STD applicable from blood, urine and a pap smear. This special service is an additional cost of $150 for the medical tests and processing. Please note, the written test results will be provided in Spanish but easily understood. We are happy to provide a legally binding English translation.

To ensure quality control, we do not perform third party services for other service providers beyond our family. We provide all of the services we coordinate ourselves and our services are obtainable only though us. Additionally, photos of our ladies which are listed as providing local services in cities throughout North America (and other worldwide locations) in places such as Craig's List, Back Page and other classified advertisement websites are false advertisements. Due to the rare beauty of our ladies, the high volume of photographs for our ladies which we make available to our potential patrons and the high quality of our photographs; our portfolio is among the most stolen by bait-and-switch false advertisers world wide. Please contact us for clarification if you are worried that somebody may be trying to scam you.

-  Our high quality level makes other service providers look better than they actually are. If you select a different service provider, upon arrival, you will not find comparable quality in either ladies or accommodations and it is doubtful that you will consider your holiday a bargain. By the same token, thank you for not judging us by the quality of the other service providers. If you choose unwisely, regardless of how crazy or bad yourexperience was with them, you will enjoy your next holiday with us.

Please arrive with the ability to pay your remaining balance, preferably with cash. We are happy to accept Dollars, Euros, Pounds and other international currencies as previously coordinated. Traveler’s Checks and Credit Cards must be coordinated in advance due to the difficulty of payment by those methods. These instruments may require as long as two hours to cash and this must be performed in a bank so your flight must arrive before 1:30PM on Monday through Friday and you must pay an additional 10-14% in bank fees. Please note, the Dominican Republic is not a part of the US banking system so we do not accept personal checks or bank cashier checks because they will require approximately one month for

-  Our ladies are not concerned with your skin color, natinality, age, weight or financial status. Just treat them like they are your girlfriend and you will be amazed at how much they love you and how well they take good care of you.

Our prices are reliable, there is no upselling or additional charges after your arrival. Your holiday is complete in every aspect and you will get everything you expect without any funny games or surprises.

We provide excellent unequaled experiences, our focus is on full and well rounded companionship with high quality wonderful ladies. This is very different from what some visitors seek, mutually insulting brief interludes with a cheap whore. We have no interest in that kind of foolishness, both our prices and our services are very different from the street and brothel style of activities.

-  We are part of a family comprised of several different websites. This usually confuses people who are expecting poor services, since all of our websites contain the same ladies. That's because our ladies are real and we do not bait-and-switch. As should be clear to people who are expecting good services, different websites are designed and maintained by our family for different marketing purposes. Please contact us for clarification if you are not sure which websites are in our family and which are not, we will be happy to help you be safe and avoid scams.

We do not permit drug or alcohol abuse, guests who indulge in illegal substances or use alcohol excessively will have their holiday terminated without a refund.

We take guest safety and comfort very seriously, all of our all-inclusive beachfront resorts comply with all international health and safety requirements. Our all-inclusive beachfront resorts are fully insured and licensed to provide hospitality by the government. Furthermore, they are safeguarded all day every day by third party professional security companies who are licensed and regulated by the government, international security organizations and insurance companies to ensure your safety. The food is good and safe to eat. You may walk around without a care in the world. And, yes, our beaches are as good as you are hoping.

-  Verbal and physical abuse of any sort against our ladies is not tolerated.

- In addition to our no tipping / upselling policy, we also protect our guests from every other conceivable form of drama. Unlike with other service providers, our ladies will not pester you after you leave with requests for a Western Union due to fictitious family problems and assorted medical emergencies, they will not abuse your time with personal phone calls or texts, they will not sneak away and leave you companionless, they will not steal from you or set you up for a robbery, they will not lie about being on their period or having a headache, they will not spend excessive time in the bathroom, they will not flirt with other people, they will not act bored or have an attitude, they will not cause damages or run up charges, they will not drink excessively and get drunk, they will not have bad hygiene and they will not have bad manners. We provide high
quality holidays! Regardless of how bad your previous trips with other service providers have been, you will enjoy your vacation with us.

-  Our services are void where prohibited by law.

-  The ladies, drivers and accommodations we coordinate are all third-party independent contractors. We only coordinate companions who are legally an adult and who are presented as an adult. Coordination is for time and companionship only; no physical intimacy (such as sex) is promised, implied or inferred.

The Dominican Republic is a large tropical island in the Caribbean about two hours south of Florida. We support holidays throughout the entire Dominican Republic including all resorts, business hotels and villas in Bavaro, Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Cabarete, Juan Dolio, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Samana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Sosua, Uvero Alto and more!

We employ appropriate security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. However, as no computer or data transmission can be guaranteed to be totally secure, we (like all services providers), cannot warrant or guarantee 100% security of any information you provide to us.

-  Neither we, nor our affiliates, shall have any responsibility of any nature whatsoever for other web sites or service providers linked to us in any way. Information or actions in that regard have not been verified, condoned or endorsed by us or any affiliate.

We accept no responsibility for any actions or omissions of any external entity, hotel or other travel related company and disclaim any liability for actual, incidental or consequential damages caused by these entities or by us.

In the event that collection efforts to settle your financial obligations have to be made with an outside collections agency or turning your account over to an attorney, you will be responsible for all costs incurred to collect the debt.

Optional Resort Reservations -
As described in an alternate roster and our website, we are happy to coordinate your resort reservations in several dozen all-inclusive beach front resorts throughout the Dominican Republic. We work with many internationally ranked four and five star resorts everywhere in the country, including Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Cabarete, Juan Dolio, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Rio San Juan, Samana, Santo Domingo, Sosua and Uvero Alto. An assortment of private villas are also available in these locations, please inquire for details.
Some of our resorts are "adult only" with intimate and pampering settings while others are romantic, lively and great fun. They have hundreds of employees (some of whom have degrees in hospitality) in order to ensure that your stay is an enjoyable one and they typically each feature several different restaurants, a casino, a disco, several pools, a beach and everything else which will make your holiday wonderful. Couples from all over the world enjoy their honeymoon in them, just like you. Please inquire for details!

For the vacation of a lifetime, please contact us before your visit! Without that contact before your visit, you will end up alone for the following reasons...

1. It is illegal for women to market themselves inside a beachfront all-inclusive resort. No women and no pimps are walking around the resort or the beach waiting to meet you when you arrive.

2. No beachfront all-inclusive resort will allow unscheduled last minute women to enter for insurance reasons, for security reasons and because the all-inclusive meals and drinks are not free. A day-pass does not fix that, it’s only for the morning and afternoon and it only provides access to public areas such as the beach and the restaurants. This means that no woman you meet outside of the resort (including the last minute unscheduled escorts you try to get after your arrival from a local escort agency) will be permitted entry into the resort (and your bedroom specifically).

3. The prices which hobbyists/mongers quote on the internet only apply to hobbyist/monger type holidays. Their advice is only useful if you want the crude street level services they desire. If you want better women and better accommodations, you must pay more and you must pre-coordinate what you want.
If you do not pre-coordinate your holiday, you will spend your vacation alone. No women are walking around the resort waiting to meet you and the resort is responsible for the atmosphere they provide so no last minute uncoordinated girls will be permitted entry. Please contact us before your visit so that we can help you enjoy the great vacation you want!

Cancellation / Postponement Policy -
In the event of a cancellation, we will either refund or credit back to you everything possible from your deposit. You may cancel for any reason.
The choice between a credit (in the event of a postponement) or a refund (in the event of a cancellation) is entirely yours. Refunds are performed as timely as possible (which usually means a couple of days). To be as fair and reasonable as possible, we don’t earn anything from cancelled holidays but, conversely, they don’t cost us anything either.
If your holiday is cancelled before it starts, there are four potential deductions which might affect your credit or refund. None of these penalties have anything to do with us and may not be waived. First, many of our all-inclusive beachfront resorts and sole use VIP private villas charge a cancellation penalty (particularly during high season). This is usually a day or two but might be your whole reservation during busy times such as New Years or Christmas or with short notice changes. Acts of God can usually void this penalty (at the resort’s discretion). In some cases, resorts will waive your cancellation penalty if you postpone your trip instead of cancel it entirely. Second and third, if you cancel within 48 hours of yourholiday, we may need to deduct a consolation payment for your companion and the driver who takes her to the airport. Please contact me before
your companion travels to the airport to meet your empty airplane in order to avoid the cost of that transportation. And/or your companion receives
a consolation payment for sitting in the car all day going back and forth to the airport plus other expenses such as her salon appointment to prepare for your visit. To avoid this charge, please contact me before your companion starts getting ready to meet you. Finally, there is the cost of sending you a refund. Any applicable bank or Western Union charges are deducted from your refund along with the cost of the person who performs the payment. To avoid these payment service charges and get the maximum possible back, you should postpone your trip (and do a credit) instead of cancel your trip (and do a refund).
If your holiday has already started, we will be happy to credit the unused portion of your payment in accordance with the policies of your allinclusive beachfront resort or VIP sole use private villa and the other policies which are described elsewhere in this Adobe PDF document such as our “Companion Replacement Policy” and the “Minimum Patron Behavior Standards”. As with holidays which don’t happen, there are several similar potential deductions which are beyond our control. These penalties are similar in most respects but might include other costs such as room service, telephone charges and so forth related to your stay. All hotel expenses charged to your room, additional costs for late night transportation
and so forth are deducted from your applicable credit. Finally, with this credit toward a future holiday, please keep in mind that your companion will receive no compensation for the postponed portion of your holiday (because we gave that money back to you instead).

Lastly, with prepayments for no specific holiday or earnings from our referral system, the only deduction from your payment is the cost of getting that money to you. Because there are no applicable transfer charges, no deductions are performed if this money is used towards a holiday.

Companion Replacement Policy -

Our ladies make a genuine effort to please and we guaranty “chemistry” (which generally implies how well you and your companion synch together). Of course, chemistry is a two way street and you must make the same effort which our lady provides in order to produce a magical holiday together. You are not purchasing property and your lady is a real person, treat her well and she will do the same for you.
There is no extra charge for the replacement of a selected lady if she isn't working out. However, chemistry is a funny thing and the hospitality industry tends to attract all kinds of bad apples, so please note the following details of our companion replacement policy...

1. The replacement must be in a “whole day” increment. For example, an even 24 hour period would be from noon today until noon tomorrow. Replacements can be performed in partial day increments as well, but an additional fee is required due to the discount which a whole day enjoys (and which is not applicable for two partial days).

2. You may select only from available ladies for your replacement. Our appointments are booked in advance and held by a deposit, you may enjoy only ladies which are unreserved.

3. The transportation cost to bring you a new girl (and take the old one away) are paid to professional third party drivers and is not waived. The cost of transportation between Santo Domingo - Boca Chica is $60, Santo Domingo - Juan Dolio is $75, Santo Domingo - La Romana is $105 and Santo Domingo - Punta Cana or Puerto Plata is $150. There are no transportation charges for destinations inside Santo Domingo.

4. Replacements are subject to hotel / resort policy, who has the final word on what is possible. Please be aware that most resorts in the Dominican Republic will not permit an exchange of registered guests. Your selected resort may require an additional fee or decline the exchange at their discretion. Transportation fees are still applicable if the hotel/resort declines to allow the switch.

5. We present real people who share your holiday with you and they structure their lives in order to accommodate your holiday plans. We reserve the right to charge a consolation fee for the ladies which you reserve (and cancel) in order to compensate them for any  nconveniences which they suffer through no fault of their own.

6. The chemistry problems must be related to normal kinds of issues which don’t involve medication you are (or should) be taking or anything a psychiatrist is (or should) be treating you for. Among other things; there is no replacement, no refund and your girl (s) are taken away if you intentionally inflict harm/pain, deny food, take inappropriate photographs, act inappropriate due to alcohol/drugs, behave inappropriately in public and so forth. If you are this kind of patron, thank you for pre-screening yourself.

All Escorts  Are Available With Any Vacation Package, Any Location or OutCall.
Please contact us by phone or email for their personal bio and service details!